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EMC 2019 Düsseldorf

Welcome to EMC 2017 in Germany

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Jacobi

EMC, the European Metallurgical Conference has developed to the most important networking business event dedicated to the non-ferrous metals industry in Europe. From the start of the conference sequence in 2001 at Friedrichshafen it was host of the most relevant metallurgists from all countries of the world.

This year’s aim of the conference is: “Production and Recycling of Non-Ferrous Metals: Saving Resources for a Sustainable Future”.

EMC 2017 will be dedicated to the continuous efforts of our industry to meet the challenges of a globalizing world by delivering important contributions to the welfare in our future. Sustainability of the non-ferrous metals industry will be duly examined in respect to its technological, ecological and economic aspects in nearly 30 topical sessions.

Not only the production of metals, but also the preparation and the recycling of raw materials and residues are discussed, the impact on the environment and health protection are in the focus of the presentations too. In addition, economic and legal issues such as data security and competition law in an increasing digital global industry are discussed.

The conference is held by invitation of GDMB Society of Metallurgists and Miners and is particularly directed to metal producers, plant manufactures, equipment suppliers and service providers as well as members of universities and consultants.

GDMB as well accepted scientific society now invites 2017 to Leipzig, Saxony. Leipzig is the eleventh largest and one of the most growing metropole cities of Germany. Since the 12th century, the trade shows are held here well known as Leipzig Fair, renowned business corporations and institutions like BMW, Porsche, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek or Amazon are located here.

Leipzig has a long tradition of hosting conferences and trade fairs, and it offers a large variety of interesting sights and restaurants as well as plenty of shopping opportunities. One major highlight will certainly be the Leipzig Zoo, located right next to the KONGRESSHALLE were EMC 2017 will be located. Hotels of all categories can be found within close vicinity.

I wish the conference all the best and hope that many lecturers and participants have the opportunity to update their knowledge and contacts in their own person.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Jacobi
President of GDMB


Welcome to EMC 2017 in Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Georg Unland

It is a great pleasure to welcome the 9th European Metallurgical Conference in Leipzig/Saxony. Metal production & machining is one of Germany’s core industries and an inherent part of the value added chain of the whole industry. In Saxony metallurgy has a great historical importance. Saxony has a long tradition in mining - in short-lived times we can be proud of such a history. Mining and the metallurgy made economic development and prosperity possible. Until today the cultural landscapes in Saxony get a profit from the accumulated wealth in the past. On the downside: nowadays we have to manage the rehabilitation of mining brownfields.

Mining is not only an issue of the past - it is a very contemporary issue. In Saxony we call it “neues Berggeschrey“. We still have a considerable potential of domestic raw materials and a strong interest to use these resources. We can achieve a sustainable supply of raw materials for the companies in the state of Saxony. This could increase regional added-value.

In Saxony we have large deposits of lignite, aggregate as well as ore and fluorite deposits. At present we have about 300 mines. Also the exploitation of geothermal energy increases.

The State of Saxony decided a strategy on raw materials, which should generate a benefit for the economy, science and the administration. Today we have an intensive phase of exploration for ore and spar deposits. Several companies started or continue their activities to explore ore and spar deposits in Saxony.

I wish all participants of the 9th European Metallurgical Conference a pleasant stay in Saxony and exciting discussions.

“Glück auf!”

Prof. Dr. Georg Unland
State Minister
Saxon State Ministry of Finance



Welcome to EMC 2017 in Leipzig

This is the 9th European Metallurgical Conference. The conference takes place every two years – this time in the beautiful city of Leipzig in Saxony.

Although it is still a European conference, EMC has developed over the years into a global conference with more than 400 participants from every continent.

In looking at the metallurgical non-ferrous industry in recent years, it is clear that it has been very difficult for many companies: The metal prices are low – compared with the peaks more than 5 years ago – and for several metals the demand is lower than the supply. That means cost cutting projects and increasing energy efficiency in nearly all metal companies. However, that is not only a challenge but also a chance: Many innovations and new processes have been invented in times where the economies have been weak or prices for energy have increased.

Therefore, you cannot cut costs without innovations. It is not enough to say “we want to reduce costs by e.g. 15 %” without giving advice on how to achieve this.

It is, therefore, the hour of innovators in each company. To find innovations and ideas, one of the best things is to speak to people and to take look over the fence.

EMC 2017 will be an important source for finding new ideas and new, more efficient, processes as you will meet colleagues from around the world. Especially a cross-metal platform where people in the nickel business, for example, speak to people in the lead, zinc or copper business, may provide new ideas. And people from the industry get the chance to inform themselves about the newest scientific results from universities.

The presentation of the papers from industry and universities is a crystallisation seed for a fruitful discussion in finding new things.

In spite of the extensive programme, it is also worth visiting the attractions of the city of Leipzig. Leipzig is an important trade fair location in Europe with one of the oldest fairs in the world, starting in the year 1190. It also has a great musical tradition that dates back mainly to the work of Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn and today is based, inter alia, on the importance of the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Thomaner Choir.

Dr. Bernd Langner
EMC 2017, Scientific Committee Chair