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Welcome to the European Metallurgical Conference EMC 2021

We are pleased to announce that this year's EMC 2021 will take place virtually from June 27th until June 30th, 2021.

This is due to our responsibility and duty of care in times of a pandemic and the as yet unforeseeable consequences of further mutations.The decision was difficult for us. We would have liked to welcome all highly esteemed speakers and participants in person, in order to deepen and establish existing and new relations in smaller and larger discussion groups. The existing situation and our decision help to avoid long and stressful journeys as well as the effort and costs involved.The GDMB is organizing an online conference that will allow all honored speakers and participants to meet at the highest level, professionally and personally. Personal meeting rooms will be available. Companies and sponsors will be able to present themselves – live or static.

We hope that you stay healthy.

Welcome to EMC 2021 in Europe

Portrait Herr Stelter

In a two years period the European Metallurgical Conference EMC is celebrated as an international conference and meeting for metallurgists and engineers from the non-ferrous industry and research institutes in Europe. In former conferences delegates from about 50 countries and five continents joined the meeting, presenting papers, posters and discussing actual and always relevant topics dur-ing the conference.

The main focus of EMC 2021 is “From Mine to Metal: Processing complex ores and residues at lowest CO2 footprint”.

EMC 2021, the most important networking conference on non-ferrous metals in Europe will point out the whole chain of non-ferrous metallurgy, including process technology, analytical aspects and even socio-economic questions of today and tomorrow. Climate change and CO2 production is one of the major aspects to be considered in the next future. Our industry has to achieve the targets of reducing cost with lower energy consumption, better product quality and lower CO2 emission using more complex and poorer feed material. It seems to be difficult to find ways meeting all these ob-jectives, but on the other side it is the driver for new processes and new technology.

The conference is organized and held on the invitation of GDMB Society of Metallurgists and Miners and is particularly directed to companies, institutes, metal producers, plant manufactures, equipment suppliers and service providers active in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy globally.

GDMB invites you 2021 to the 11th EMC.

I cordially wish all the very best for EMC 2021 and hope that many lecturers and participants will meet us virtually also. May they have the chance to upgrade their knowledge, discuss actual topics in a gorgeous surrounding and to exchange their experiences.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Michael Stelter
President of GDMB

Welcome to EMC 2021

Dr.-Ing. Peter Weber

From June 27 to 30, 2021 the European Metallurgical Conference (EMC) takes place for the 11th time, this year as on-line conference.

During the last twenty years the EMC conference, organized by GDMB, has evolved to an international highly recognized event for the non-ferrous metals industry.This year the main topic of the conference is:

From Mine to Metal: The search for an integral solution to process complex ores and residues (with high impurities) and produce high value multi metal at lowest CO2 footprint.

With this topic, the EMC Conference addresses the requirements which are pertinent to our business, the continuous improvement of the economic efficiency and at the same time the reduction of the environmental impact. However, to meet these requirements in an already competitive environment a holistic approach is required. It is not any longer good enough to optimize an individual operation or process step but it is necessary to look at the whole value chain. The target must be to understand all potential synergies from mining to metal production and thereby thrive for a high overall metal recovery. It is the search for an integral and sustainable solution to process complex ores and produce a high value multi metal product.

At EMC 2021, the sustainability of the non-ferrous metals industry will be duly examined in respect to its technological, ecological and economic aspects in various topical sessions with special focus on the four main areas: (I) Resources / Metals, (II) Materials Processing, (III) Sustainable Production, and (IV) Themes of Current Issues / Best Practices.

I wish EMC 2021 all the best with plenty of participants and interesting discussions.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Weber, President Küttner GmbH & Co. KG

EMC 2021, Scientific Committee Chair