Welcome - EMC - European Metallurgical Conference
Important Dates
30.04.2019 Deadline for presenters to register for the conference

Welcome to EMC 2019 in Germany

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Stelter

Every second year the European Metallurgical Conference EMC is celebrated as an international conference and meeting for metallurgists and engineers from the non-ferrous industry and research institutes in Europe. In former conferences delegates from about 50 countries from five continents joint the meeting, presenting papers, posters and discussing actual and most relevant topics during the conference.

The focus of EMC 2019 is dedicated to the interaction of technology, process chains and sustainability. To bring ecology and economy together was a main focus for the last decades. Nowadays the question of continuing improvement with increasing sustainability is the challenge for tomorrow.

EMC 2019, the most important networking conference on non-ferrous metals in Europe, is held in Düsseldorf. It will point out the whole chain of non-ferrous metallurgy, including process technology, analytical aspects and even socio-economic questions of today and tomorrow.

The conference is organized and held by the invitation of GDMB, Society of Metallurgists and Miners, and is particularly directed to companies, institutes, metal producers, plant manufactures, equipment suppliers and service providers active in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy all over the world.

GDMB the Society of Metallurgists and Miners invites 2019 to the 10th EMC in Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine Westfalia and a center of innovation and business. Four metal trade fairs – GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST – will be held in the same convention center together with the European Metallurgical Conference EMC 2019. This will give the participants a comprehensive overview to the state of the art of the wide range of metallurgy.

I cordially wish all the very best for EMC 2019 and hope that many lecturers and participants will find the way to Düsseldorf and the EMC. May they have the chance to upgrade their knowledge and to exchange their experience.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Michael Stelter
President of GDMB

Welcome to EMC in Düsseldorf

Dr.-Ing. Peter Weber

From June 23rd to 26th, 2019 the European Metallurgical Conference (EMC) celebrates its 10th anni-versary in an adequate setting in Düsseldorf together with the quartet of trade fairs comprising Gifa, Metec, Thermprocess and Newcast. During the last ten years the EMC conference, organized by GDMB, has developed to a international highly recognized event for the non-ferrous metals industry.

This year the main topic of the conference is the:
Optimum utilization of resources and recycling for a sustainable solution.

With this topic the EMC conference will focus on one of the basic economic challenges, the growing scarcity of resources even as continuously growing population and emerging economies demand more and more raw materials. This situation requires new and sustainable solutions to improve the overall resource efficiency also in the Non Ferrous industry. In fact this situation is a springboard for the development of sophisticated production processes, with a limited amount of all wasted materials.

At EMC 2019 the sustainability of the non-ferrous metals industry will be duly examined in respect to its technological, ecological and economic aspects in various topical sessions, with special focus on the three main areas: (I) Resources/Metals, (II) Materials Processing, (III) Sustainable Production and (IV) Themes of current issues / Best Practices.

I trust that the EMC 2019 conference in combination with its distinctive setting – i.e. together with the trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST – will be an exceptional oppor-tunity for all stakeholders in the metallurgical industry to meet and use this platform to elaborate on the challenge of sustainable solutions and thereby further share and discuss the newest technologies, developments and trends in the metallurgical industry.

I wish EMC 2019 all the best with plenty of participants and interesting discussions.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Weber, President Küttner GmbH & Co. KG
EMC 2019, Scientific Committee Chair

The “Bright World of Metals” welcomes EMC 2019 in Düsseldorf

Friedrich-Georg Kehrer

The four metal trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST have top priority for the international metallurgical community every four years once again in Düsseldorf. The “Bright World of Metals”, as the event is known, is not just a trade fair highlight with a total of more than 2.200 exhibitors and 78,000 visitors from 120 different countries, however. It is particularly popular due to its tradition of having a high-quality programme held alongside the trade fairs too. The 10th European Metallurgical Conference EMC from 23 to 26 June will be playing a prominent role here again in 2019 – especially for METEC, the 10th International Metallurgical Trade Fair and Congresses from 25. to 29. June. Since 2007 EMC has been playing a key role to empower the non-ferrous metal sector at each and every METEC.

As a company that focusses on the organisation of trade fairs, we make sure that in-depth know-how is presented. We arrange our events so that they are not merely a business platform; they are instead a stage for the international transfer of expertise, exchange of experience and networking. In this context, conferences like EMC provide important insights into the technologies that will be standard tomorrow, so that it is extremely interesting for both trade visitors and corporate exhibitors to participate.

The combination of METEC and the spotlight on EMC 2019 will generate impressive synergy bene-fits that will give specialists like you tremendous added value when you attend the trade fairs and conferences. It is an extra advantage that CCD. South, where the conference is being held, is located directly next to the METEC halls 3, 4 and 5, with the result that no time will be lost in transition – enabling the timing of your trade fair visit to be optimised even more effectively.

As the Director of the “Bright World of Metals”, I am looking forward particularly keenly to June 2019, when Düsseldorf will be the international centre of the metallurgical industry again and will be welcoming guests from all round the world at the trade fairs, at EMC. I wish EMC great success and plenty of international participants.

Friedrich-Georg Kehrer
Global Portfolio Director Metals and Flow Technologies at Messe Düsseldorf