Programme - EMC - European Metallurgical Conference
Important Dates
30.04.2019 Deadline for presenters to register for the conference

Plenary Lectures (as of 23.04.2019)

Alvear, Gerardo, Dr.; Aurubis AG, Germany:
Research, Development and Technology Innovation as Solid Foundations to Secure Aurubis’s Multi Metal Strategy

Leao, Versiane, Prof.; Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP), Brazil:
Situation of the Brazilian (South American) non-ferrous metal industry

Leschhorn, Frank, Dr.; Munich Mining & Industry Consulting GmbH, Germany:
Australia a Secure Supplier of Technology Minerals for Batteries

Lundström, Mari, Prof.
; Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering, Finland :                              
Battery Recycling in Europe

Nyberg, Jens, Dr.; Boliden, Sweden:
Challenges for Non-Ferrous industry – Less waste and recovering more metals

Palacios, Miguel; Atlantic Copper SLU, Spain:
Optimum use of natural resources based on an energy management system

Van Camp, Maurits, Dr.; Umicore, Belgium:
Circular cities, e-mobility and the metals industry – a world in transition

Voerman, Nils, Dipl.-Ing; Hatch, Canada:
Material Recycling and Energy Re-use in Metals Production

Wei, Wang; China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd., China:
The development of the SBF technology and it's future opportunities



Please find the complete list of presentations here


European Metallurgical Conference, EMC 2019, the most important Conference in Europe dedicated to Non-Ferrous Metals, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in an adequate setting in Düsseldorf together with the quartet of trade fairs comprising Gifa, Metec, Thermprocess and Newcast.

The topic of this conference is:
Optimum utilization of resources and recycling for a sustainable solution.

This EMC will be dedicated to the continuous efforts of our industry to meet the challenges of a globalizing world by delivering important contributions to the welfare in our future.
The conference refers to the basic economic challenge, the growing scarcity of resources even as continuously growing population and emerging economies demand more and more raw materials. This situation requires new and sustainable solutions to improve the overall resource efficiency in the Non-Ferrous industry. In fact this situation is a springboard for the development of sophisticated production processes, with a limited amount of all wasted materials.

Sustainability of the Non-Ferrous Metals industry will be duly examined in respect to its technologi-cal, ecological and economic aspects in about 30 topical sessions, which are clustered in four main areas; (I) Resources/Metals, (II) Materials Processing, (III) Sustainable Production and (IV) Themes of current issues / Best Practices.

Not only the production of metals, but also the preparation, processing and recycling of raw materials and residues are discussed, the impact on the environment and health protection are in the focus of the presentations too. In addition, economic and legal issues such as data security and competition law in an increasing digital global industry are discussed.